Lessons From Innocence

Some weeks back I asked my five year old if he would be willing to get a radioactive spider bite if it meant getting spider-man’s powers. He stared at me for quite some time, then asked, “would it hurt?” I smirked, and replied, “Yes. It would hurt pretty bad, but only for a little bit.Continue reading “Lessons From Innocence”

Overcoming Criticism

Writing fiction, and many other forms of creative expression, require us to pull from the core of who we are. The intense emotional pain of a strained relationship. The euphoric highs of being in love. The pain of loss. The fear of rejection. The hope we see in the next generation. The peace we feelContinue reading “Overcoming Criticism”

Facing Creative Guilt

At this point in my writing career I have one novel set to be published. That does not happen until midway through 2021. I also happen to be counted among the 40 some million workers in the United States currently facing unemployment. Lucky for me, my wife owns her own online business and is doingContinue reading “Facing Creative Guilt”

Writing Tip: Character Creation

Many author’s begin their character creation with physical descriptions. While this is fine, I heavily suggest starting with personality. This sets the tone for the character before getting bogged down in physical details. The Enneagram, or other personality tests, can really help set a personality base. Not only does this give you a great startingContinue reading “Writing Tip: Character Creation”