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Name Your Dirt.

We live in a divisive world. Everything from politics, to racial issues, to religious views, to sexual orientation, to culture. You name it, and people have found a way to draw lines in the sand around it. We lived in this “us” vs “them” world before Covid-19 hit and forced us all into lives ofContinue reading “Name Your Dirt.”

Overcoming Criticism

Writing fiction, and many other forms of creative expression, require us to pull from the core of who we are. The intense emotional pain of a strained relationship. The euphoric highs of being in love. The pain of loss. The fear of rejection. The hope we see in the next generation. The peace we feelContinue reading “Overcoming Criticism”

Finding your voice

I’ve only been writing for about five years, but I’ve been developing my writing voice for as long as I can remember. It’s an elusive thing to pin down. It’s the reason why I will argue until my dying day that art is as much about the inner work of the artist as it isContinue reading “Finding your voice”

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