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Struggle and Flow

People are complicated. We all know how true this is because we’ve existed as long as we can remember in our own head. What goes on inside of there is nothing short of miraculous. Neurons firing in unique patterns; creating habits, mannerisms, and personality. Chemicals combining to stimulate thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Trillions of interactions…

Lessons From Innocence

Some weeks back I asked my five year old if he would be willing to get a radioactive spider bite if it meant getting spider-man’s powers. He stared at me for quite some time, then asked, “would it hurt?” I smirked, and replied, “Yes. It would hurt pretty bad, but only for a little bit.…

Chutes and Ladders

Do you remember the old children’s game, chutes and ladders? It’s a simple game, really. You flick a spinner and land on a number, move your little cardboard cutout that number of spaces, and see where you land. Most spots are neutral, and you simply wait there for your next turn. Other spaces are the…

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